The Heixheimer (Detox) Reaction- How the body heals and my personal experience with it.


Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well and having a great week so far. This post has taken a little longer than expected once again but I’m back, feeling good and ready to write! There have been a few reasons why I’ve been away from the blog for the past 10 days or so. If you have read my two latest posts, you’ll know that I have recently finished a parasite cleanse. It was my fourth time doing this particular 30 day herbal cleanse (If you’d like to know more please see my posts titled ‘Parasite Cleansing- Why I do it and why you may like to consider it’ and ‘Parasites Part II (An unexpected update)’ for more info.)

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional. The information provided is just based on my opinion. I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat any health issue. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making any changes to your routine or trying this supplement. Especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from any medical condition.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve done a lot in order to regain my health and heal my body after taking a medication called Accutane. During this time I have explored many aspects of health and a major part of my journey has involved detoxing my system in order to repair damage that this medication has caused.

Whenever I embark on a cleanse or sometimes when I adjust my diet/ supplement routine, I experience a ‘flare up’ in symptoms. This temporary worsening in amount or severity of past symptoms is actually an indication of healing and is known as the Herxheimer or detox reaction.

As you begin working on your health naturally, by switching from a highly processed diet to one that is made up of mainly whole foods, doing a colon/ liver cleanse or adding in a supplement such as milk thistle to support the liver or an antimicrobial like olive leaf extract for example, your body cells begin to release toxins such as pathogens (bacteria, viruses etc.) and heavy metals. These toxins enter the bloodstream and are now in circulation. Organs such as the liver and large intestine,  become over burdened with this sudden release of toxins and endotoxins (the waste materials produced when bacteria die) and an inflammatory response occurs.

Before the toxins and wastes are excreted from the body, the person may have an increase in the severity of current symptoms or a ‘flare up’ of past symptoms.

Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue and/ or restlessness
  • Skin breakouts including boils, hives and rashes
  • Cold/ flu symptoms
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Increase in joint pain
  • Sinus congestion
  • Fever/ chills
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Muscular aches/ pains
  • Frequent urination/ discharge
  • Mood disturbances such as anxiety/ irritability
  • Insomnia


After completing the parasite cleanse about 3 weeks ago, I was still feeling noticeable ‘detox’ effects and experiencing many symptoms. This was mainly due to two things, the first being that the herbs in the cleanse continue to work for about 30 days after finishing and the second being that I added in antimicrobial supplements. Shortly after completing Humaworm (the pasrasite cleanse) I began drinking  Chapparral leaf tea. I will speak more about this herb in a future post but to summerise, it has potent antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties. As well as this herbal tea, I added in another antimicrobial and immune boosting supplement. Therefore, I actually experienced quite a lengthy ‘healing reaction’ this time round.

To be really honest with you the past 4 to 5 weeks have been really challenging for me overall. After a few months of feeling amazing in every way i.e. physically, mentally and emotionally, I seemed to suddenly feel ‘run down’ again. Even though I was doing a lot to work on my health (as usual) and getting a good amount of rest. Since I have experienced this many times in the past few years, I knew how to deal with it all in a much better way (although it was still really challenging.)

Healing reactions also occur after a period of feeling really great or seeing a big improvement in your health. Our bodies are highly intelligent and when they have energy and good/ improved resources they will detox by releasing toxins and waste products stored in the liver and tissues and repair damaged areas leading to a higher, more vibrant state of health.

Holistic health practitioners agree that the body always heals in a certain order and this is know as Hering’s Law of Cure. It states that:

“All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed.”

This basically means that toxins deep within the body will be dealt with and processed first through to the outer layer (skin.) Physiologically, the person must feel strong and be prepared mentally (the head) first in order to heal physically. The body deals with the most recent heath problem first before moving back systematically, in reverse order to work on more long standing (chronic) conditions.

Personally speaking, this time round I noticed a ‘mixed bag’ of mental, physical and emotional symptoms. Fatigue hit me really hard and I felt like I could sleep for 10- 12 hours a night or that I’d need to nap in the afternoon. Mentally, I was affected quite dramatically. My mood took a really low dip, severely for about 3 days but generally for a couple of weeks. I had days where I just wanted to give up college, this blog and bothering with anything. I couldn’t see the point in continuing working on my health and was feeling really frustrated, that despite all my efforts over the past few years I was still feeling crap. Basically, I was feeling really vulnerable, emotional and sorry for myself. Walking and resting helped my state of mind a lot, as did talking to a couple of close friends about it and feeling really ‘safe,’ loved and fully accepted doing so. Some of my physical symptoms included skin breakouts (my skin looked dull, inflamed and I came up in a rash a couple of times), muscle aches, low grade fever and chills, abdominal bloating, a small cyst on my right breast (that has now fully cleared), headaches and ‘brain fog’ and a slight sensation during urination, not quite pain but a similar sensation to the start of a urinary tract infection. I used to suffer from UTI’s a few years ago so think my body may have been re- tracing over this condition as bacteria were being killed and removed by the herbs. Those symptoms are the main ones that come to mind but there were probably a few others. When dealing with a healing reaction/ crisis, it’s good to consult a holistic health practitioner. This allows them to overlook your protocol, making sure it’s benefitting you. If symptoms persist or worsen, they may need to intervene and make adjustments or in rare cases you may need to seek medical advice . I work closely with a wonderful Kinesiologist/ Naturopath who also happens to be a close family friend so I feel very safe. If I have any questions, I always go to her and have done for the past 10 years.

There are a few things that you can do in order to make these healing reactions more bearable and shorten the duration, these include:

  • Drinking more filtered/ mineral water
  • Getting more rest
  • Taking a hot bath with magnesium flakes/ epsom salts
  • Sauna/ Steam using essential oils
  • Getting sunlight
  • Gentle exercise such as walking or yoga
  • Rebounding
  • Getting a colonic/ water or coffee enema
  • Taking activated charcoal
  • Dry skin brushing
  • The use of a castor oil pack for the liver


I wanted to keep tonight’s post relatively short and to the point. If any of you would like me to be more specific then please feel free to leave a comment or message me and I’ll happily write another blog post. Perhaps I’ll split this topic into sections and go into greater detail. Hopefully this post explains why I took a little longer than usual to write on the blog. Some really deep things came to the surface for me and I needed to give myself the space and time to allow myself to just ‘be.’

All of my energy needed to be reserved for healing rather than dispersing it by doing lots of other activities or by being really social. I just needed to take some time out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well enough to attend my college lectures last weekend and spent the weekend at home sleeping lots, lying in the sun and taking some salt baths. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better than of late and am starting to look healthy and vibrant again, although it’ll probably take a few more days. The lymph nodes in my neck are also finally going down which is a great sign. Each time I go through a reaction like this, I become stronger and healthier. So over the past 5 years, my health has majorly improved. Therefore I have finally learnt to ‘trust the process.’


Thank you for being supportive and understanding and to those of you that have messaged me recently, I really do appreciate it. When I receive messages from you guys, it lights me up and makes me remember why I started ‘Knowledge To Nourish.’ A special mention to my friend Tom, who helped me come up with the topic for today’s blog post. If any of you have any suggestions for future posts, please feel free to message me. I’d love to hear from you.

I have some cool ideas and plans up my sleeve that I’m excited to make a start on and share with you. However, I have a big college exam in 3 weeks time as well as an assignment hand-in. Due to this, my energy will be directed more towards study rather than the blog for the next couple of weeks. I will continue to post though so keep an eye out for new content- I won’t be able to resist for long!

It’s after midnight here now, I really need to go and get some rest! I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy and fun weekend.

Much love and hugs,




Deep darkness- I hit a low point.


Hey guys, I can’t believe a week’s passed since I last posted. I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the weekend. The sun is shining here in Cornwall and everything looks beautiful, my mood on the other hand hasn’t been so great for the past few days. After spending last weekend staying in Cheltenham with my friend Stacie and attending college in Bristol, I got back to Falmouth on Monday.

Please excuse the long and emotional post that follows, I feel I can’t talk about parasite cleansing until I let you know what’s been going on for me. I’m going to post about my parasite cleanse either later tonight or Sunday.

Well, I know I’ve just finished a 30 day parasite cleanse so it’s bound to have stirred things up but for the past few days, particularly yesterday and today, I’ve been feeling really low. Yesterday afternoon, I hit my lowest point in months. I felt tired, my body felt sore and my lymph nodes are swollen (but then again they have been swollen for the past month.) It’s a good indicator that my body’s trying to fight something off. Ever since taking Accutane (please see my posts titled Accutane- The Life Changer Part I and II for more info) I’ve felt as though I have a virus in my system and every now and then (when there’s increased stress/ cleansing) it becomes active. My body is so much stronger than it was but I still work on my health every single day. I’m used to some physical symptoms coming up every now and then as my body processes things and rebalances, especially during or just after a cleanse but the mental effects I experienced yesterday and today have caught me totally off guard.

Yesterday afternoon, I was hit with a tidal wave of emotion. Emotion that I wasn’t expecting or prepared for. My body felt crappy and my mental state usually dips when my body’s not feeling good. This however was different. Thankfully for a long time now, my mood’s pretty stable and I don’t suffer from any anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I have challenging days and experience bad moods but that’s totally normal and nothing to be worried about. In general, I’ve been my usual, social and outgoing self. Yesterday, the emotion I experienced felt beyond me and was a mixture between deep sadness, anger and utter frustration.

The floodgates opened up and I cried and cried and cried. I felt deep sadness at the situation I’ve had to deal with continuously over the past five years, all because of a drug, that I didn’t know existed before entering the dermatologist’s office. I cried over the time I’ve missed with friends, the stress I’ve caused my mum and sister, all the money that we’ve (myself and my family) have spent on health care, food and supplements, the days I spent in bed, the times I tried to explain my situation to others and they didn’t/ couldn’t understand, the times I felt so ill I wanted to die, all the fevers, the vomiting, the skin rashes and all of the excuses I made in order to appear ‘normal.’ On top of feeling a deep sense of despair, I felt a huge amount of anger bubble up. Anger that I thought I had previously dealt with. This is difficult for me to share so openly but I literally felt like I wanted to kill the dermatologist and the manufacturers of Accutane. Of course, I would never REALLY want to hurt anyone. This wouldn’t help anyone anyway, but I’m telling you when you’ve spent years of your life trying to piece together the scraps that you’ve been left with after taking a certain drug- you want to find and make someone accountable. Of course, it was my decision to take it but I was young, vulnerable and desperate. The side effects were completely dubbed down and glossed over. The idea of  ‘selling rat poison disguised as candy’ comes to mind. The marketing is excellent and the information is put forward in such a way that is in total favour of the pharmaceutical companies, in this case Roche.

So I cried and cried and felt extreme anger surge through my veins. With makeup running down my face and my hood up, I decided to take the dog out. I did this for two reasons: 1. He needed a walk and was being so good and 2. I thought I urgently needed fresh air and a quiet space to think.

I’m sure people that passed me was wondering what was up, but I didn’t really care. I walked through the park and ended up sitting under one of the blossom trees. A tree with beautiful pink blossom, all fresh and in full bloom. Sitting on the damp grass, I took a few breaths and managed to stop crying. I watched several thoughts come and go in my mind including ‘what’s the point in all of this?’ ‘I can’t be bothered’ ‘It’s been five years, give me a break’ and ‘how will people ever listen to someone like me?’

On a good day, I either don’t get these thoughts or if I do, the stronger and more positive side of me takes over and I know that really, everything is working out and that I just need to keep the faith. I remind myself how far I’ve come and treat myself kindly. However yesterday, they were pretty much all negative, self- doubt and sabotage-style thoughts.

I can’t say I felt way better leaving the park but I did feel a little calmer and OJ (my dog) was happy. Also, on top on cleansing I am due my period soon so am definitely feeling premenstrual. Maybe it’s been one big combination of things. My menstrual cycle has been on the long side (around day 43 to 47) for a few months. It tends to change depending on various factors but can lead to me feeling very emotional on the lead up.


Today hasn’t been much easier, I haven’t felt great. I’ve rested for most of the day and have eaten lightly. I’ve been noticeably quiet on whatsapp and have blanked calls and texts from friends. I just needed some space. I’m feeling pressure because I have friends coming down for the weekend and they’re arriving tomorrow night. It’s for my friend Matt’s 30th birthday. I love them all so much and they mean the world to me but currently I’m not feeling the ‘party mood’ and wish I could be feeling differently. At the moment I’d love to just rest and have a quiet weekend. These guys are some of my best friends and I’ve known most of them for just over ten years now but I don’t talk to them much, if at all about my health issues and Accutane story. My best friend Jack (who I’ve been travelling with twice) is absolutely amazing but we have very different views on healthcare, medication, the holistic approach etc. I totally don’t mind having different opinions at all but sometimes I feel like I don’t even want to say that I’m not feeling great because it requires too much energy to explain why that is. Then when I do explain, I don’t really feel heard. I just don’t bother talking about my situation in depth with him which to be honest, makes me pretty sad. I don’t think he even realises it at times and to be fair I haven’t ever spoken really honestly and explained how I feel. He is totally exceptional and I know for a fact he cares so much about me. He’s always super supportive and we just kind of ‘get each other.’ We message almost every day and it’s even hard to articulate how much the friendship means to me. Jack has seen me at my worst, he saw me in South America when I was extremely unwell and my hair was falling out and he’s also seen me when I’m totally on form and we have the best time, conversations and adventures together. He has supported and encouraged me through everything and I have unconditional love for him as a person.

This weekend may bring some things up. If the timing’s right, I’m going to speak to him about it. I’m not even complaining as he’s done nothing wrong but I’m starting to be completely true to myself. I’m tired of ‘dubbing down’ what happened and hiding the total truth from people out of fear of being misunderstood/ judged. As a matter of fact, this is my issue and an opportunity to learn and grow. I’m just going to be honest in a kind way and see what happens.

Tomorrow, I’ll pull myself together, put some makeup on, smile and go out with my friends. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything but we all need to remember to be grateful for what we have and the people we have that love and support us. Just a few years ago, celebrating a friend’s birthday would have been out of the question so I’ve already made huge steps. It’s just my ego putting expectations on myself e.g. I need to look/ act a certain way in order to be good enough for my friends.

No. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. My friends love me just the way I am right now for being me. Life is too short to miss these special opportunities and I know that hanging out with them, even though I’ll be having a few drinks will probably do me more good than harm. I’ve had a rough few days but that’s just life. I’m still going and I’ll keep going. My perseverance is second to none and my focus to help others is what’s keeping me going through it all.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I just want to say to anyone reading this, that it’s ok not to feel great, to doubt yourself and your truth, to feel lost and to want to give up. We all feel this and have days like these- I encourage you to dig deep and find strength that you didn’t know you had until you pull it to the surface.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and do your best.

You are too special to hide away and dim your light!

I’ll post about parasite cleansing next- it was originally meant to be this post but I knew I needed to write to you from the heart again.

Sending you all so much love and a big hug,


Accutane- My side effects and overview of my recovery 

Hey everybody, considering I only got around five hours sleep last night I’m feeling pretty good! Hope you’re all doing well- I’m sure most of you are looking forward to the weekend.

I’m on the train again- seem to love writing during train journeys. Currently on my way to Cheltenham for college this weekend. The reason I go to Cheltenham and not Bristol (where I attend college) is because I’m staying with my friend Stacie. Stacie’s an absolutely awesome girl and in the same class so we travel in together on Saturday and Sunday. The reason I’m heading up a day early is because we have an exam on Saturday morning so we’re hitting the books together. More about lovely Stacie (and not so lovely) exams later..

Today I thought I’d chat about the side effects I personally suffered from whilst on Accutane and after I finished the course of Accutane. For anyone that doesn’t know already, Accutane is an extremely strong medication used for the treatment of Acne. I took a 5.5 month course at 40mg/ day from October 2011 to March 2012 and it changed my life.

If you’d like to know more, please read my posts titled ‘Accutane- The Life Changer PART I and II.’

Accutane creates a strong divide. There are people who believe it saved their life and gave them their confidence back and others, like myself that have had to deal with major health issues since taking this drug. My intention is not to bully people into not taking Accutane but rather encourage them to look at other options. I know there will be some of you reading this that will be like “duh, if I had other options I would try them but I tried cutting out this food and that food and I’ve tried different antibiotics and changing face products etc. and nothing has worked.” Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from and the absolute desperation you’re feeling. I genuinely get it because I myself, have been there.

All I know is, if I could have my time over I would not take Accuatane. If I knew what I knew now, I would have handled the whole situation differently. Then again, I realise everything is simple in hindsight. I have accepted that I was doing my best for what I knew in that moment at that time. I have stopped doing the “if only and what if” and have learned to focus all of my energy on the present which includes my personal recovery and desire to help other people.

In order to clarify a few things I’m going to list all the side effects that I personally suffered with from taking this medication and then give you an overall view as to how I have recovered and healed my body over the past five years.

Side effects that I experienced (mainly after I finished Accutane):

  • Dry skin, eyes and hair
  • Eczema on face
  • Rash on my hands, arms and face
  • Facial flushing and a rash like appearance
  • Joint pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Fatigue
  • Hairloss, seborrhoeic dermatitis and sores on my scalp
  • Increased sweating and night sweats
  • Temperature regulation issues (too hot or too cold)
  • Bloating, constipation and abdominal distension
  • Parlour (I looked so pale with a pink tinge to my skin
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Constantly swollen lymph nodes
  • Facial impetigo
  • Staph A infection
  • Pain in my spleen and liver area
  • Reaccuring conjunctivitis and other infections
  • Constantly feeling ‘off’, weak and really ‘under the weather.’

I just want to add that I have had blood tests done with my GP several times over the past few years. They showed different things but everything was passed off and looked at as an individual symptom. Of course, neither my  Dermatologist nor my GP was willing to listen when I told them I knew I was ill as a result of taking Accutane. My dermatologist told me that the major hairless I experienced was definitely not Acctutane related. Well excuse my language but this is bull***t! He took a scalp biopsy which showed the presence of yeast and fungus (that cause standard dandruff.) So conveniently, I was told I had a fungal infection of the scalp and was given a course of antifungal medication which I (stupidly) took.

Blood tests showed that my thyroid was showing signs of being under active (borderline hypothyroid at that stage) and I was told perhaps I had ‘post viral fatigue’ by a different GP. The moment I knew I was going to take my health in to my own hands was after a morning appointment with my GP- I remember the day well. Feeling unbelievably out of sorts and not long after returning from South America, I walked with my head low into my doctor’s office. To synopsise the situation, I was given information on Rosacea because apparently I had cured my acne but developed Rosacea instead and told to fill out a depression questionnaire (which, if you haven’t seen one of these are a bit ridiculous.)  The reason it’s ridiculous is because the questions ask you to give a number score in relation to a list of different situations or feelings that are part of being human eg. “Do you feel down sometimes?” Which most people do and it’s hard to choose a number to express the overall situation/ experience you’re having. I can’t remember the others but you get the idea. On top of all of this I was offered anti depressant medication which I politely declined.

That was a tough morning. Not only was I feeling ruined both physically and mentally but now I felt unheard. Unable to hold the emotion in anymore I burst into tears, I didn’t need the tissue that the doctor passed me as no tears were produced. Imagine that- crying but producing no tears because your eyes are so dry and your tear production has stopped. Something was going to give- I was going to break or I was going to get better. However, I now know I needed to return to my natural, holistic way of looking at health. No more pills, no more quick fixes.

I cried and cried for most of that day. Feeling horrendous, I slept loads as the fatigue was intense and the anxiety, depression and other physical side effects almost unbearable. It was around this point that I started doing my research. Bit by bit I made life changes based on my gut instinct. Obviously, I looked into things thoroughly and weighed up risks, but you need to remember at that point I didn’t have anything to lose. As I said, I will be writing specific blog posts detailing everything I did and what worked for me. It was very much a process of trial, error and lots of learning.

Today, I am SO much better. It’s pretty remarkable actually. I’m functioning normally, although I still do a lot to to keep myself balanced and healthy. I also cleanse periodically. My body is so much stronger and my mental state is fantastic- not a hint of anxiety or depression. Obviously I have bad days like everyone else and don’t always feel great but this is normal and infrequent.

I believe my success comes down to a few main factors.. Support from my mum and close friends, my own discipline and dedication to healing my body, and a multi-pronged approach to resolving interconnected issues relating to Acvutane damage. Basically, I started by working on removing the Accutane residues that remained in my body after treatment, repairing and repopulating my gut with beneficial bacteria, cleansing the liver thoroughly, supporting adrenal and thyroid function, parasite cleansing and removing heavy metals, supporting my immune system and supplementing where necessary.

An important point to make is not all of my recovery was based on physical practices. True health and vitality occur when all aspects of a person are addressed and balanced is. Mind, body and spirit (I don’t mean this in any religious sense.) I worked on my mental and emotional health with kinesiology, meditation, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and generally being with people I love and taking some time out.

At this moment in my, I’m delighted and grateful at how far I’ve come but I’m also far from done. As a matter of fact, I’m just getting started. I have so many goals and aspirations mainly relating to helping others and transforming my situation in order to do good.

My physical health is so much better than it was and I feel a true sense of vitality. Sometimes I feel run down and the lymph nodes in my neck swell but that’s usually when I’m cleansing or get a bit stressed with college work etc. I’m able to workout again which is amazing and I’m currently working on developing my physical strength, stamina, building lean muscle and losing a little fat. Being able to hit high intensity workouts again makes me feel strong and balanced. It’s both a stress reliever and confidence booster.

Also, I have plans to start a Knowledge To Nourish YouTube channel soon. The time has come to speak out in an honest and personal way. I have no intention of being pushy, I just want to get some info out there in the hope that someone can take something positive from what I’ve learned.

On that note, I’m going to wrap today’s post up and chat more next time.

Thanks for your support and hope you all have a fantastic weekend- please send me good vibes for my exam on Saturday morning!

Much love,


Heavy Metal Detox- Zeolite


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and happy weekend. Spring has definitely made an arrival here in Cornwall and the sun has been shining for the past couple of days. The arrival of warmer weather means that it’s an ideal time to do some cleansing and detoxing. It’s easier and less harsh to cleanse when the weather’s warmer and the natural season for cleansing is Springtime so soon, I will do some liver cleanses over the period of a few weeks as well as focusing some of my energy on detoxing heavy metals from my body. I don’t ever overtax my body or constantly jump from product to protocol but after I got really ill from taking a medication called Accutane and developed lots of autoimmune-type symptoms (please read my posts titled Accutane-The Life Changer Part I and II if you’d like to know more) I’ve realised that I need to do more than most people in order to stay healthy and sometimes this requires me to go through phases of cleansing on a physical level.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional. The information provided is just based on my opinion. I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat any health issue. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making any changes to your routine or trying this supplement. Especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from any medical condition.

This leads me nicely on to the topic of today’s post. I’m going to be talking about how I have helped my body to detox from heavy metals. Heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminium, Cadmium and Lead accumulate in the body over time. Possible sources of heavy metals include drinking water, foods, amalgam fillings, cosmetic products, certain vaccines and medications. These heavy metals accumulate in body tissues, affecting every system of the body and can lead to health problems including neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease as well as reproductive disorders including  endometriosis and  polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to name a few. I’ll list below some symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:

  • emotional instability
  • fatigue
  • malaise
  • skin changes
  • insomnia
  • impaired motor, cognitive and language skills
  • water retention
  • joint pain
  • menstrual irregularities

There are various ways you can help to detox your body from heavy metals but one of the easiest and cheapest ways is to add Zeolite to your daily routine. Zeolites are naturally occurring microporous minerals formed mainly from the elements aluminium, silicon and oxygen (aluminosilicates.) They are of volcanic origin and they have properties that make them powerful at removing heaving metals and radiation from the body. Zeolite clinoptilolite is the type of zeolite used for these health reasons. It has a crystalline structure that is porous, this combined with its negative charge allows the zeolite to attract and trap positively charged metals. These trapped metals can then be excreted safely by the body.

Zeolite clinoptilolite comes in capsule, liquid and powdered forms with powdered zeolite being the most common. If you want to introduce zeolite into your health regimen there are two main things to take into consideration. The first being to make sure the zeolite is of food grade quality and the second being to start slowly and increase the amount as needed over time. These two things will ensure the zeolite is in its purest form without any fillers or additives and will make it less likely to overburden the body during the detoxification process. Although, detox symptoms are usually minimal as the ‘honeycomb’ structure of the zeolite traps the metals and toxins within it allowing for easy excretion without stirring up toxins and creating an immune response before they are excreted. This short term detox reaction occurs when toxins and wastes are excreted from cells and tissues at a rate or amount that overburdens the organs of elimination such as the bowls, kidneys and skin. When this ‘Herxheimer’ reaction  occurs, the individual may experience temporary discomfort and symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, headache, skin rash etc. This will pass as the body excretes these waste products but in the meantime it can be beneficial to decrease the dose of the supplement, drink plenty of water and rest.

Powdered zeolite

Personally, I take zeolite clinoptilolite in powdered form and find it both easy and effective. Another bonus is that it’s really cost effective. The brand I use is produced by a company called ‘The Clay Cure.’ I use many of their products and find them to be of the highest quality. I love their whole ethos and encourage you to check out their website if you’d like to learn more about their products. I just want to add that I’m not being paid or sponsored to endorse their products, I’m simply a very happy customer giving credit where credit’s due. I have left the link below:

In order to take the zeolite, I make a simple drink by combining it with filtered water. Each day, after taking Sole (please see my post titled ‘Why I drink salt water every day before breakfast’ for more info) I add 1/4 tsp of zeolite powder to a glass of filtered water and give it a stir. Then I drink it and I’m good to go. I start with a small dose of 1/4 tsp and work my way up slowly over the period of about a month to around 2-3 tsp daily. I find this works well with me. When my dose increases to over 1 tsp, I usually spilt the dose amount in two and drink this twice daily. If I notice any discomfort such as a headache or a skin breakout, I simply decrease my dose again. Should you decide to add zeolite to your daily routine, make sure you drink plenty of water as it can cause constipation. I haven’t noticed any side effects from taking it apart from a headache and a few spots when I increased my dose too quickly once. It is not known to create toxicity and therefore can be taken in large quantities, up to about 2 Tbs, three times a day. Although I have only ever taken up to 2 tsp daily and have found that to suit my body whilst being effective.

So, if you are interested in looking for a way to reduce heavy metal toxicity then zeolite may be worth a consideration. I find it helped me but in a gradual way over time. I go through phases of using it for a few weeks/ months then taking a break and starting once again. As a matter of fact, I haven’t taken it in a few months because I was focusing on addressing other issues but I will be implementing into my heath regimen in a couple of weeks time.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my blog. I’ll be posting again soon. I have lectures this weekend, including an exam so things are pretty busy but I will definitely post before the end of the week.

All the best,


A little ‘check in’ with you.

Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying your week so far. Today’s post is a little bit of a ‘check in’ with you all. I felt like writing something less informative but more personal this evening. Actually I think i’ll throw in a family photo below (I don’t know, I just feel like it.)

“Precious moments with loved ones are priceless” Myself, my mum and my sister- September 2011.


Honestly speaking, I haven’t found the past couple of weeks easy. I’m being real with you. Since starting my blog, I suppose there’s a slight ‘expectation,’ real or perceived that because it’s a health blog, I need to be healthy and vibrant all of the time in order for my content to be taken seriously. In other words, ‘You should be healthy to write about health.’

This has been playing on my mind, especially over the past week to ten days. I’ve been cleansing (doing a 30 day parasite cleanse) and I’m currently on day 17. I have experience with these cleanses, having done three before. However this is the first one in about two years. It basically involves taking two tablets, twice daily. The tablets contain a mixture of potent herbs and are a broad spectrum treatment. They treat everything from viruses and bacteria to various types of worms and flukes. Before you freak out, I get it. I used to get so freaked out when I first read about parasites and the problems they can cause. For a while, I didn’t want to think about it too much but at this stage I’m so over it. After learning that nearly everyone (about 90%) of people have parasites, I’d rather be proactive and do something about it in order to strengthen my body and prevent possible health issues from occurring. Anyway, I’ll be writing a detailed post on parasite cleansing soon including what cleanse I did, my reasons for doing it, my personal experience including the negative and positive aspects and why I feel everyone can benefit from parasite cleansing.

So yes, since I’ve been cleansing again my energy levels have been notably lower than of late. My body has been processing toxins from the ‘die-off’ effect of the herbs. I’ve experienced fatigue, brain-fog, headaches, a temperature, vomiting, slight stomach cramps, swollen lymph nodes in my neck and skin breakouts. As well as these physical symptoms, I have noticed mental symptoms too such as low mood, feeling ‘off form,’ emotional and irritable.

I’ve probably put you off wanting to undertake such a cleanse but these symptoms haven’t all come at once and didn’t all last long. Even though it’s been tough, I am trusting the process. My body is currently working hard and parasites are being killed and excreted. Sometimes when this happens, you can get an increase in symptoms or a ‘flair up’ detox reaction. It is just temporary and actually show that the cleanse is working well. I’m not worried at all. This is the fourth time I have done this and after each of the last three cleanses, I noticed a significant improvement in my health. Before undertaking the cleanse, I knew I would feel worse before feeling better. However, I also knew it would be worth it.

So, here I am tonight. It’s nearly 11pm my time and I’m writing openly to you to let you know that I’m only human and I’m just doing my best. Even though I feel really healthy these days and I’m beyond grateful for that, I still face challenges.

I don’t feel great all day every day just like everyone. Sometimes I feel it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others and feel as though we’re not as beautiful, smart, healthy, intelligent or ‘sorted’ as them. When I’m having a low time and feeling more emotional, I am guilty of this. Self- doubt creeps in to my mind and I begin to question what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, where I’m going etc. Luckily I’ve learnt to observe this pattern of thinking without getting caught up in it for long. I watch the thoughts enter my head, ask myself why I’m feeling them (and usually jot words down in a journal) then I take a few quiet moments or go for a walk and remind myself how much I have to be grateful for. This usually fills me with a sense of gratitude quite quickly which in turn changes my mental state. If I’m feeling really tired, I try to have a nap. If I don’t have time, I take 5 minutes to close my eyes and focus on my breath.

Follow your dreams.png

Before the last couple of weeks, I had been feeling wonderful almost every day for over twelve weeks previous. Physically and mentally, I had been feeling the best I had ever felt, well definitely since taking Accutane (please see my posts titled Accutane-The Life Changer Part I and II). Over the past five years, I have worked on healing and rebalancing my body. It has been a journey filled with ups and downs. I would get a little better, then feel awful again, then a little better, then more symptoms would resurface. True healing happens in phases, when you’re not treating the symptom but rather finding the root cause of illness.
Even though, I haven’t had as much energy, look a little pale, have a few sore spots on my face and just feel a bit ‘blah’ really. I’m okay with this. I realise that I’m doing my best and my body is getting stronger and healthier in the long run. After having been through so much worse, I know I am strong and I trust my intuition.

I am remembering the words “This too shall pass.”

So for tonight, I’m going to make another mug of peppermint and liquorice tea and get to bed soon.

I’ll be posting again in a couple of days and have a few interesting topics lined up that i’m excited to talk about and share with you.

Sending you all a big hug, wherever you may be in the world.

Until next time,


P.S. If this post resonated with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment or message me using my ‘Contact Me’ page. Thanks!

Thoughts and Train Rides

A pretty summer sunset (not today)


Hey guys, happy Friday! Hope you’re having a great week. I thought I’d just do a little post to check in with you and share some thoughts that I’ve been having.

Today’s grey sky got me thinking about how different everything is for me this year and how grateful I am to be feeling so well and healthy again. The reason the grey, dull skies brought up these thoughts and feelings was because not long ago, I felt really weak, unhealthy and like a ‘dulled’ version of myself.

Basically, I had lost my light in every sense of the word. At my lowest point, I was unable to leave my house due to how extreme the drug induced anxiety had become (please see my previous posts titled  Accutane- The Life Changer PART I and II which explains more.) Mentally and physically, I felt like I was broken beyond repair. My body was hurting and I had symptom after symptom. Doctors didn’t know what to do with me. My mum was being strong, loving and supportive as usual but I’m sure she felt like she had lost her daughter. I was so fatigued and unwell that I was sleeping hours on end most days for weeks. At the worst point, I didn’t want to be here anymore.

There were two things I knew:

1. Accutane caused this and

2. I wasn’t going to take more medication and suppress the symptoms.

The irony in my story is that before deciding to take prescription medication for acne, I had always been the girl that goes for the natural, drug free approach where possible. I’ve been interested in how certain foods and natural remedies can heal the body long before taking Accutane. I rarely took paracetamol let alone anything else. Of course, everything has its place and modern medicine is incredible but where possible I try to opt for the drug free, whole body approach to health.

This situation that I found myself in forced me into a corner and I knew then that I owed it to myself to keep going. I started to listen to my intuition and knew that I needed to help my body to heal. Researching online for hours a day, I made lists of anything that stood out/ resonated with me. The first main one being liver cleansing (I have written a previous post titled Liver Flushing- My Experience if you’d like to read more.) I basically started cleansing my body physically and changing my diet in order to help my body repair and heal.

It took time, patience and perseverance. I’d get a little better, then feel ill again. This is what is known as a detox or Herxheimer reaction. As the body cleanses, large quantities of toxins can be released from cells and this can cause an immune reaction leading to a temporary increase in symptoms/ severity of the symptoms as the organs of elimination such as the colon and skin become overwhelmed. So you can feel temporarily worse before getting better and stronger each time.

So, it’s been a five year process and it has been far from easy but I’m finally feeling better. Even this time last year, I wasn’t fully well. I’ll be writing about everything in more detail as I split information between blog posts on this site. For today, I just wanted to say that even though the sky is grey and it’s one of those dull days, I feel so lit up. I feel happy, excited and grateful to be well and have energy to follow my dreams. This whole experience has changed my life but believe that it all happened for a reason. Now, I’m studying Naturopathic Nutrition and I’m sure that I want to spend the rest of my life helping people. I’m filled with energy, ambition and have big plans.

If you’re struggling in some way right now and you’re reading this, please remember the following:

You are valuable and you DO matter. Everyone is different and everyone has a unique gift to share in this world. My personal struggles have shaped me and I want to use my personal experience to create good and help others. I know life can be hard sometimes, trust me I really do but you are stronger than you think.

I’m currently on the train (eating some delicious  dark chocolate marzipan) as I have lectures in Bristol this weekend. Will be posting again early next week so hope you’ll back then 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


Accutane- the life changer PART II

304380_10151223032628205_987278598_n copy.jpg
Bariloche, Argentina.

On returning to England, after an extremely stressful journey I just broke down in tears at how awful I felt and how relieved I was to be home. In regards to the hair loss, I had developed sores all over my scalp. The dermatologist took a scalp biopsy and told me that I had a fungal infection so he prescribed anti fungal medication. He defended Accutane, insisting the two were not linked. I know now, they most certainly were. On top of major hair loss (I had now lost about 60%), I had sore, dry eyes with blurred vision at times and I had developed facial flushing. This facial flushing looked like Rosacea and seemed to get worse after eating. It seemed like I was reacting to most foods that I ate. My face would become really hot, flushed and irritated. I had also started to wake during the night, sweating and my temperature never seemed to be correct. I either felt too hot or too cold. My extremities were always cold and I remember feeling the need to wear so many layers but then suddenly feeling flushed.

Losing hair

After getting a full blood panel done with my GP. The results showed that I had hypothyroidism and an increased rheumatoid factor. My mood was really low and after completing a depression form. My GP suggested thyroid medication (Thyroxine), antidepressants and told me I had rosacea. Apparently there’s no cure for Rosacea so I was given some web addressed to find out more. I left her office feeling completely hopeless and alone. I know the GP was doing her job but more medication did not feel like the right move.

So here I was experiencing a whole heap of problems. I felt the most ill I had ever felt. I spent nearly all day in bed sleeping as I was so fatigued. Every time I woke up it felt as though I was living in a nightmare. My body felt like it was falling apart and my mood matched it.  Even though I didn’t know how, I knew that there had to be a way to get better again. I wanted to give up as it felt like I had already lost but a part of me deep down knew I had to keep going. I began to do my own research online, spending hours and hours sifting through Acctutane forums and natural, holistic health sites. Most of my symptoms were autoimmune symptoms and I thought a lot of them correlated with an autoimmune condition such as Lupus. Feeling desperate to find a lead, I booked an appointment with a Consultant Rheumatologist at the London Bridge Hospital. Specialist blood tests and exams were carried out. My blood test markers were abnormal but borderline for making a Lupus diagnosis. The Schirmer’s test was carried out. This is where a paper strip is inserted in your lower eyelid to check for the production of tears. After five minutes, my eyes hadn’t produced any tears. The paper was bone dry and became stuck to my eyeball making painful to remove. My abdomen was swollen and sore around this time too and it puzzled the doctor after examination. All in all, my results were not normal but not cumulative to a Lupus diagnosis either.

Months passed, it was all a bit of a blur but really difficult period and my health was still really poor. I wanted to deal with my depression and anxiety and was also having suicidal thoughts by this point so it had become even more serious. I decided to try Neurotherapy which is where you get hooked up to a computer via sensors and repattern your brainwaves over the course of a few weeks using various computer exercises. I thought it was worth a try and at least it didn’t involve taking more medication. On 7th January 2013 I travelled to London for my appointment. My anxiety was at an all time high. I actually had a panic attack in public at the train station before leaving and the journey felt almost unbearable. To cut a story short, I felt like the ‘consultation/ treatment’ was rubbish. It didn’t feel right and just felt like a quick ‘money maker.’ I travelled up and back in the one day and was exhausted and stressed all day. The tube commute was particularly hard as I was desperately trying to keep my anxiety under control. Well at least Neurotherapy was now crossed off the list.

Even though medical doctors would probably dispute this. I firmly believe there were drug residues in my body tissues and I needed to physically cleanse on a deeper level in order to remove them and let my body repair. On a physical level I was still losing hair, feeling fatigued, having trouble with temperature regulation, suffering from dry eyes with blurred vision at times and I was reacting to foods. Nearly every time I ate, I would come flush and come up in a skin rash. I was also very bloated and uncomfortable a lot of the time.

Skin rash and flushing (it got worse than this)

I was aware that gut health is of huge importance so I began to research more in this area. I felt like the medication had damaged the lining of my intestines and I had developed ‘leaky gut’ which is why I was reacting to all these foods. Leaky gut is where the lining of your intestines becomes damaged and permeable. This means that undigested food particles, microbes and toxins that are meant to remain in the gut can pass through the gut wall into your bloodstream. The body will treat them as foreign invaders and ‘attack’ them, creating an immune response. Looking at my diet in closer detail, I removed gluten, dairy and refined sugar and avoided caffeine and alcohol. I began making milk kefir and fermented vegetables (which I’ll speak about in future posts.) These daily additions calmed my skin down quite a bit and made my digestion a bit better. Even though these dietary steps were helping, my skin was still reactive and flushing/ coming out in a rash and I still wasn’t well.

One night, whilst up late on my computer researching like usual. I came across an Ayurvedic practitioner called Andreas Moritz. He was speaking about a cleansing process called ‘Liver Flushing.’ This information really resonated with me and I ordered his book on Amazon titled ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.’ There is also a free PDF version available online. My intuition told me to go ahead with this so that’s exactly what I did.

I’m going to speak to you in detail about my Liver Flushing experience my next blog post as this post is already long and detailed. It’s nearly 11pm and I’m so tired!

Much love until next time,