A little ‘check in’ with you.

Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying your week so far. Today’s post is a little bit of a ‘check in’ with you all. I felt like writing something less informative but more personal this evening. Actually I think I’ll throw in a family photo below (I don’t know, I just feel like it.)

“Precious moments with loved ones are priceless” Myself, my mum and my sister- September 2011.

Honestly speaking, I haven’t found the past couple of weeks easy. I’m being straight with you. Since starting my blog, I suppose there’s a slight ‘expectation,’ real or perceived that because it’s a health blog, I need to be healthy and vibrant all of the time in order for my content to be taken seriously. In other words, ‘You should be healthy to write about health.’

This has been playing on my mind, especially over the past week to ten days. I’ve been cleansing (doing a 30 day parasite cleanse) and I’m currently on day 17. I have experience with these cleanses, having done three before. However this is the first one in about two years. It basically involves taking two tablets, twice daily. The tablets contain a mixture of potent herbs and are a broad spectrum treatment. They treat everything from viruses and bacteria to various types of worms and flukes. Before you freak out, I get it. I used to get so freaked out when I first read about parasites and the problems they can cause. For a while, I didn’t want to think about it too much but at this stage I’m so over it. After learning that nearly everyone (about 90%) of people have parasites, I’d rather be proactive and do something about it in order to strengthen my body and prevent possible health issues from occurring. Anyway, I’ll be writing a detailed post on parasite cleansing soon including what cleanse I did, my reasons for doing it, my personal experience including the negative and positive aspects and why I feel everyone can benefit from parasite cleansing.

So yes, since I’ve been cleansing again my energy levels have been notably lower than of late. My body has been processing toxins from the ‘die-off’ effect of the herbs. I’ve experienced fatigue, brain-fog, headaches, a temperature, vomiting, slight stomach cramps, swollen lymph nodes in my neck and skin breakouts. As well as these physical symptoms, I have noticed mental symptoms too such as low mood, feeling ‘off form,’ emotional and irritable.

I’ve probably put you off wanting to undertake such a cleanse but these symptoms haven’t all come at once and didn’t all last long. Even though it’s been tough, I am trusting the process. My body is currently working hard and parasites are being killed and excreted. Sometimes when this happens, you can get an increase in symptoms or a ‘flair up’ detox reaction. It is just temporary and actually show that the cleanse is working well. I’m not worried at all. This is the fourth time I have done this and after each of the last three cleanses, I noticed a significant improvement in my health. Before undertaking the cleanse, I knew I would feel worse before feeling better. However, I also knew it would be worth it.

So, here I am tonight. It’s nearly 11pm my time and I’m writing openly to you to let you know that I’m only human and I’m just doing my best. Even though I feel really healthy these days and I’m beyond grateful for that, I still face challenges.

I don’t feel great all day every day just like everyone. Sometimes I feel it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others and feel as though we’re not as beautiful, smart, healthy, intelligent or ‘sorted’ as them. When I’m having a low time and feeling more emotional, I am guilty of this. Self-doubt creeps in to my mind and I begin to question what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, where I’m going etc. Luckily I’ve learnt to observe this pattern of thinking without getting caught up in it for long. I watch the thoughts enter my head, ask myself why I’m feeling them (and usually jot words down in a journal) then I take a few quiet moments or go for a walk and remind myself how much I have to be grateful for. This usually fills me with a sense of gratitude quite quickly which in turn changes my mental state. If I’m feeling really tired, I try to have a nap. If I don’t have time, I take five minutes to close my eyes and focus on my breath.

Follow your dreams.png

Before the last couple of weeks, I had been feeling wonderful almost every day for over twelve weeks previous. Physically and mentally, I had been feeling the best I had ever felt, well definitely since taking Accutane (please see my posts titled Accutane-The Life Changer Part I and II). Over the past five years, I have worked on healing and rebalancing my body. It has been a journey filled with ups and downs. I would get a little better, then feel awful again, then a little better, then more symptoms would resurface. True healing happens in phases, when you’re not treating the symptom but rather finding the root cause of illness.
Even though, I haven’t had as much energy, look a little pale, have a few sore spots on my face and just feel a bit ‘blah’ really. I’m okay with this. I realise that I’m doing my best and my body is getting stronger and healthier in the long run. After having been through so much worse, I know I am strong and I trust my intuition.

I am remembering the words “This too shall pass.”

So for tonight, I’m going to make another mug of peppermint and liquorice tea and get to bed soon.

I’ll be posting again in a couple of days and have a few interesting topics lined up that i’m excited to talk about and share with you.

Sending you all a big hug, wherever you may be in the world.

Until next time,


P.S. If this post resonated with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment or message me using my ‘Contact Me’ page. Thanks!

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