Liver Flushing- My experience


Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely Friday and looking forward to the weekend. Today’s post is going to be more specific than a couple of my previous posts. If you’ve read my last post ‘Accutane- the life changer PART II’ You’ll know that I was feeling really unwell both physically and mentally after taking Accutane. Even though I felt completely broken, a part of me deep down didn’t want to give up.

I spent hours and hours on my laptop searching the web for information. Whether it was reading about someone’s personal Accutane experience or holistic health topics on various sites, I was bookmarking pages that resonated with me. Since Accutane is a synthetic form of Vitamin A (which is a fat soluble vitamin) and fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver, my gut instinct told me to first focus on helping my liver to detoxify and repair.

It didn’t take long before I had stumbled across the term ‘liver flushing.’ Like many people, I had heard of cleansing your liver with herbs such as milk thistle and drinking plenty of lemon water but this was new to me.

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional. Any information provided in this post is simply me sharing my own, personal experience with you. Please consult your healthcare provider or doctor before making any changes to your routine or attempting any health practice such as liver flushing.

A holistic health practitioner called Andreas Moritz kept getting mentioned in forums regarding this practice of liver flushing. He specialised in Ayurvedic medicine and Iridology. Unfortunately Andreas passed away around the time I started liver flushing but to this day I am beyond grateful that he made his book ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’ so readily available. I truly believe the information within that book inspired me to try a practice that has dramatically improved my health, wellbeing and quality of life, especially after taking such a strong drug like Accutane. If he were still here, I’d sincerely thank him.

Liver Flushing is a method of cleansing the liver on a deep level by removing gallstones. Most people presume gallstones are found in the gallbladder, however most of them are actually formed in the liver and end up congesting it. This can produce a variety of symptoms which over time can lead to the development of chronic illnesses. According to Andreas, there are differences between the gallstones found in the liver and the ones found in the gallbladder. Most of the gallstones in the liver are made up of cholesterol, with some containing fatty acids and other organic material. These are the main constituents of bile. It is due to this reason that these ‘congealed lumps of bile’ which are soft and non calcified are not detected by x-rays, CT scans and ultrasonic technologies. Whereas in regards to the gallbladder, up to around 20% of these stones are calcified, hardened and relatively large as they are formed from minerals, mostly a mixture of calcium salts and bile pigments. Therefore these stones can easily be detected by diagnostic tests.

The book explains in detail both the reasons we have gallstones and the reasons why removing them via liver flushing is one of the best things we can do to regain or increase our health, energy and wellbeing. Basically good health starts with a clean, optimally functioning liver. By restoring the liver, allowing it to function at an optimal level we can cure or at least improve a whole heap of health issues. There is a long list of symptoms mentioned that may improve from liver flushing including skin issues, digestive disorders, eye problems, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue and hair loss. By removing these stones, bile flow will be regulated and unobstructed. Bile is produced by the liver daily and plays an important role of breaking down the fat in our food. However bile also removes toxins from the liver.

Ok, let’s talk about the actual liver flush. The flush itself requires a six day preparation period followed by 16-20 hours of cleansing. I’m not going to list the specific quantities of the ingredients needed as I want to make sure people read the information in the book carefully first.

In order to do a safe and effective liver flush you need to make sure your bowel is completely unobstructed. To ensure this you need to cleanse your colon both before and after doing a liver flush. This is to aid the body’s removal of the gallstones and to prevent back- flushing of the oil mixture and other waste products from the intestines to the stomach which helps to prevent nausea during the flush. The one after is to remove any more gallstones from the colon to prevent them becoming a source of toxemia. Colonic irrigation is the best and most thorough option, however they can be expensive and difficult to fit into a schedule. An alternative is to purchase a home enema kit and carry out 2-3 back to back water enemas a couple of days leading up to the cleanse (ideally on the sixth day of preparation) and then again a couple of days after (I aim to do it the day after the flush itself.) For the first three liver flushes, I had colonics before and after and found them extremely beneficial and really straightforward. For the other four, I did back to back water enemas. These were easy to carry out at home, more convenient, much cheaper but they were not nearly as thorough as getting a colonic. There is still a lot of stigma around cleansing your colon so I hope that more people start talking about it and that it becomes mainstream practice. Having a clean, well functioning colon is paramount for good health. (I will talk more about colon cleansing and my experience with it in a future blog post.)

Basically for a six day period, you consume a certain amount of apple juice daily. Apple juice contains a high amount of malic acid which softens the stones making them easier to remove. If apple juice is too sugary for you (which I find it is as I’d come up in a rash) you can take some malic acid in water as a substitute. On the days leading up to the flush, you eat vegetarian, easy to digest food in order to prepare liver for the cleanse. Then on the day of the cleanse you eat a breakfast containing no fats such at porridge made with water and fruit and you eat boiled rice and steamed vegetables for lunch. You don’t eat anything else after 2pm on the day of the cleanse. At 6pm that evening, you add a certain amount (I’m purposely not disclosing the exact amount) of food grade Epsom salts to a to a certain amount of filtered water in a glass jar. This makes four servings. You drink your first portion then. followed by the second portion at 8pm. At 9.45pm you wash and squeeze a grapefruit. You add this juice to a certain amount of of organic extra virgin olive oil in a pint jar then shake hard to mix well. At 10pm you drink this mixture in one go and then immediately go to bed and lie flat on your back. About half and hour later you might be able to feel a slight ‘fluttering’ sensation in your liver area as the stones travel along the bile ducts, they feel like small marbles rolling along gently. You then go to sleep for the night. The next morning at 6am you drink your third portion of the epsom salts. You can relax and go back to bed if you wish. During the morning you’ll have the urge to go to the bathroom, at which point you will have a series of watery bowel movements. Most of the gallstones contain bile compounds so are bright green in colour and float in the toilet. At 8am you drink the last portion of the epsom salt mixure. At 10am you can have some fruit juice, a little later some fruit and then an hour or two later some light food. Then you rest for the remainder of the day and eat lightly for a few days to allow your liver to recover. Also, it’s extremely important to cleanse your colon following a liver flush. I try and do this the following day but if not then the day after.

My personal notes and feedback:

  • I found the Epson salt mixture was one of the hardest things to drink as they were extremely bitter (and I’ve tasted some disgusting supplements in my time) but I just added a squeeze of lemon juice to help with the taste and just knocked it back!
  • The olive oil and grapefruit juice was easy to drink in comparison but it helps when you shake it extremely well to mix it properly
  • I felt nauseous during the night of one of the liver flushes and had to go to the bathroom. I vomited a few times and then was able to go back to bed.
  • It’s always good to have a friend/ relative around for safety and security. I personally wouldn’t attempt a liver flush on my own.
  • If you choose to do enemas instead of getting a colonic, make sure you follow the instructions and do at last two back to back. I did three back to back each time.
  • Liver flush when you have the time to rest relax afterwards.
  • You are meant to do a series of flushes about 3-4 weeks apart in order to remove all of the gallstones.

I have completed seven liver flushes and released hundreds of gallstones during most of them. I really believe that they have been one of the most incredible things I have done for my health in general but also specifically in terms of healing from the damage Accutane did to my body. Not long after the second liver flush I noticed the feeling of stubble all over my head and started growing loads of new hair which was amazing! I think it was after the second or third liver flush that ALL of my facial flushing went away and I wasn’t having skin reactions to lots of different foods. The liver flushes also really benefited my mental health. My anxiety levels greatly diminished after each liver flush and I noticed an overall improvement in my mood (although I was still in a tough place.) My digestion improved a lot too as did my eyes both in terms of the dryness and the blurred vision. My joint pain went away, but I’m afraid I can’t remember at what point as I unfortunately didn’t keep a diary.

Liver flushing has helped me enormously but like with any health related topic there are varying opinions regarding its effectiveness and safety. All I would say is if it’s something that you feel could benefit you, do a lot of research before making your decision. There are a lot of people firmly at either side of the fence with this one. Some believe it’s a load of rubbish and others like myself have had incredible results. All I know is, I’m glad I trusted myself and went ahead with it after doing a lot of research first. It was one of the main things I did in relation to healing that had the most positive impact on my body and mind. I realise that it may sound quite intimidating or sound like an intense measure but I’ve had no trouble during each of my seven flushes, apart from temporary discomfort with some nausea on one occasion. In a nutshell, it has been totally worth it.

I did plenty of other things to help my body to heal and rebalance and I will be speaking about these in upcoming posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my experience with liver flushing and that it’s given you something to read up on over a cup if coffee.

I’ll catch you all soon,


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