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Parasites- Part II (An unexpected update)

Skin breakout

Hey guys, hope you’ve had a lovely Easter Sunday. So I’m back with an unexpected blog post. This one was completely unplanned so bear with me whilst I fill you in on why I’m sitting here, sipping a glass of red wine and writing to you lot.

Right, so if you’ve read my last blog post titled ‘Parasite Cleansing- Why I do it and why you may like to consider it’ you’ll know that I just finished my most recent 30 day parasite cleanse. Even though I finished the cleanse 12 days ago, the herbs are still working and I noticed that I was passing more parasites. Humaworm say that the cleanse continues to have an effect for up to 30 days after you take the last dose. In addition, I have been taking an anti- microbial essential oil type supplement and drinking Chapparal herb tea (both of which I will speak about in future blog posts.) The combination of these have definitely had an impact as I’ve been experiencing symptoms of ‘die off.’ Late Thursday evening, I noticed pretty extreme bloating. My abdomen was really distended and uncomfortable, making it difficult to sleep comfortably that night. On Friday, I woke up still bloated with a headache and felt really bad. Unfortunately, I had to ‘suck it up’ and go to work but felt pretty rubbish. This feeling lingered all day Friday. On Saturday, I woke up feeling better than Friday but looked pale and still wasn’t great. I didn’t give it too much attention as I had to go to work and just get on with jobs.


Saturday evening came, I cooked some dinner and afterwards I sat down with a cup of tea and relaxed for a bit. Without going into detail, I went to the bathroom and knew something big had happened. To cut to the chase, I had passed a huge parasite of some sort that was broken up into pieces. It was definitely not food. I have seen many things on each cleanse and don’t get easily phased but this was the biggest and most noticeable parasite so far. All I can say is I felt an immediate feeling of relief and mental clarity. I felt way more comfortable. In my opinion, whatever it was has been in my system for a few years. I think I must have picked it up shortly after finishing Accutane (see my posts titled ‘Accutane- The Life Changer PART I and II for more info) when my immune system had been deeply damaged. The trip to South America may have been a contributing factor.

*** NOTE: If you’re sqimish, please skip the following image- thank you.









Personally speaking, I have found the past month or so very challenging. I have done some more deep cleansing and this always stirs things up so to speak. Whenever I do an in depth cleanse, I usually experience a short term ‘acute’ flair up in current/ previous symptoms and then a big shift takes place, leaving me feeling healthier than before. So each time, I get healthier, stronger and more vital but then more issues come up and the cycle continues. It’s a little like peeling an onion- layer by layer.

Today, my stomach felt better than yesterday but I look awful. Toxins have definitely been stirred up and are probably over taxing my liver a little bit. When this happens, I’m prone to skin issues as my body tries to release toxins and wastes through my skin. My skin has broken out, I have small sores around my mouth that have been there for about 5 days and some blemishes. My skin looks dry, dull and splotchy in appearance. This reminds me of a milder version of the rash I used to get after Accutane. I believe it’s an immune response, and signs of systemic inflammation are showing on my face.

‘Rash- like’ Detox breakout

After I finish this post, I’m going to have a magnesium bath (see my previous post titled ‘Magnesium Baths- Why they’re so amazing’ for more info on the benefits) to help my body detox and my skin heal. At times like these, I must admit I do feel vulnerable but I also know that I need to keep my focus on my long term goals. This is actually a positive reaction and my body is doing its best to excrete wastes and rebalance.

I have already gone through so much over the past few years, that although I cried this afternoon because I felt sad, vulnerable and fed up, I know deep down that I have made and am making huge progress. Thoughts like ‘I look so ugly and crap’ and ‘Why am I even bothering?’ came into my head and were very real and challenging but I made the best out of it and managed to thank myself for being so persevering and brave.

Since I want to be totally authentic with you all, I have taken photos and have added them throughout the text. These aren’t pretty photos, they don’t make me feel good but they are me, just as I was, feeling those feelings and experiencing those emotions in that moment.

Skin inflammation- please excuse the tears

Currently, I am a quite bloated, tired and my skin is broken out. It definitely isn’t one of my finest moments. I’m sharing this post with you to say that sometimes you have to go through the shit to reap the rewards. What you see a lot of nowadays are people’s ‘highlight reels.’ There is nothing wrong with this, even I choose my Instagram photos based on which ones I think look the best, but overtime we forget that there is another aspect. Everyone is human, we all have the same basic physical and emotional needs- when we are ourselves, our true selves, we become open and create space for the most wonderful connections to happen.

Tomorrow, I will do some planning for the rest of the week. I am going to reevaluate and adjust my current diet and health regime so will keep you updated. I would also like to add a special mention to a handful of people that I’ve been in contact with since starting this blog. You guys know who you are. Thank you for all the wonderful support and for reminding me why I’m doing this. I love interacting with you all.

To anyone who’s experiencing any form of health issue at the moment, hang in there. You are strong and valuable. Things will get better, sometimes it’s a case of perseverance and finding strength that you may not have been aware of before.

Love to you all, speak soon.



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